Bernie Madoff: Bad for the Jews. My sister's book: "Good for the Jews"

by David Spark on November 30, 2009

It was only a few months ago I learned that the Ponzi scheme scumbag Bernie Madoff was actually a classmate of my mom’s at Far Rockaway High in Queens, NY. While she didn’t know Bernie while they were at school, they were in the same graduating class of ’56. So after pestering my mom to show me her high school yearbook, I found that illustrious high school photo of Bernie and scanned it.

Bernie Madoff High School Photo

Bernie Madoff is bad for the Jews.

Do yourself, and a fellow Jew, my sister, a favor and buy something that’s “Good for the Jews.” Yes, that’s the name of my sister’s book, that got great reviews from the Chicago Tribune, Booklist, NPR, and everyone who rated it on Amazon. It’s doing amazingly well and it’s already gone into its third printing. Hanukkah is coming up and it makes a great stocking stuffer. While many places don’t have it in stock, Amazon does, so pick it up now!

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