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What do you wish you knew five years ago?

on July 5, 2010

On June 25th, I attended the 5th Anniversary Diggnation event in San Francisco for Dice News and, the job search site for technology professionals. I shot and produced sixteen videos at the event and I interviewed a bunch of show hosts plus people attending the event. Give the 5th anniversary theme, I asked attendees what they wished they knew five years ago that they know today? Plus I asked anyone I could for some advice on getting a job in tech. All the videos are available on YouTube at DiceOutLoud and Dice News, but props to VidSF for hosting all the videos on their site as well (I used some of their summaries below. Great job guys.).

You could win an iPad in Dice’s “Time for a new job…” contest. Go to the Dice Facebook page and let them know when you think it’s time for a new job. Hurry up. Deadline is this Friday, July 9th.

OK, here are all the videos:

Alex Koll’s Worst Job

Comedian and Revision3 host Alex Koll offers hysterical and interesting advice to job seekers.

Stay Flexible

Best Jobs Ever host Anthony Carboni reveals the key to getting a job in tech.

Practice and Make Mistakes

At the Diggnation fifth anniversary party, David Spark talks with Tech News Today host Tom Merritt on what it truly takes to get hired.

Is Tech Hiring Skill-Based?

A former weapons technician explains why he believes hiring in the tech business is based on skill.

Keep Your Connections Close

Revision3 host Robert Heron gives his best advice for a landing a job in tech: Always network and don’t burn bridges.

Job-Hunting Tips from the Diggnation Line

Folks in line outside the Diggnation fifth anniversary party share their tips on job-seeking in the tech business.

Patrick Norton on Becoming an Expert

Revision3 host Patrick Norton provides insight on how to become a tech superstar.

VentureBeat Executive Editor, Owen Thomas, on Wanting More than Just a Job

Dice TV catches up with VentureBeat executive editor Owen Thomas at the Diggnation fifth-anniversary party.

So You Think You Know UI?

Product manager Lun Esex tells Dice TV what question he uses to identify knowledgeable user interface designers.

CEO Jim Louderback on hiring hosts for Revision3

Dice TV corners Jim Louderback, CEO of Revision3, at the Diggnation fifth-anniversary party to find out about the future of video content and what he looks for in new show hosts and employees.

Former Geek Squader Needs a Job

Dice TV talks with a former Geek Squad employee about his job search in line outside the Diggnation fifth anniversary party.

From Scared Freshman to Confident Professional

Revision3 host Cristina Vee talks about her journey from freaked-out freshman to confident professional.

If You Get It, Share It

Social Media Club founder Chris Heuer offers more tips on how to use social media in a job search.

Cali Lewis: Launching Online TV Shows Easier Than Ever

Revision3 host Cali Lewis talks the challenges of starting her online video show five years ago and how much easier it is today.

Double Your Failure, Double Your Success

Revision3 and host Brian Brushwood talks about the importance of persistence.

Build Your Social Media Brand

Mashable co-editor Ben Parr tells you how to leverage social media to get a job in tech.

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