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Our 10 Funniest Videos of 2011

on December 16, 2011

For my business Spark Media Solutions we produced a lot of videos at different conferences. Sometimes we needle attendees, or ask their opinion about a pertinent subject. And sometimes we get lucky and those interviews come together to make a funny video. Here are ten videos that turned out to be our favorites.

1. Have you suffered from coworker TMI?

A great example of turning lemons into lemonade. I had a really hard time getting people to answer the question, “Thanks to social media, what do you know about your coworkers you wish you didn’t know.” The number of answers are short, but the incessant badgering and needling goes on for about two minutes.

2. Geek Confessional: Your Worst Manager EVER!

You thought you’ve had bad managers, these stories are much worse. My favorite is the manager that required you to wear as much cologne as he wears.

3. Annoying habits of developers

At the Silicon Valley Code Camp I learned that to work with developers requires you to put up with their endless quirks. Think you can do it?

4. Is “Dead Island” the most gruesome game ever?

My jaw dropped when I saw this game at Comic Con. With the gruesome head splattering going on in the background, I interview one of the product managers as to the “realism” of a zombie apocalypse on a resort island.

5. Comic Con 2011: The Power of Hotness: Blessing or Curse?

Comic Con is not my scene, but pretty girls are. So I went around and asked these women who had “The Power of Hotness” was it a “blessing or a curse?”

6. The funniest trade show booth I’ve ever seen

I love showmanship especially at incredibly boring trade shows. One company that was selling solid state drives wanted you to toss the hard drive like the hard drive was going to toss you. It was a mechanical bull, and a really funny barker egging people on to ride it.

7. Are you a geek or are you geek-ish?

A funny moment at SXSW when a guy was trying to prove he was the geekiest guy at the show.

8. What makes you a geek for life?

I asked a ton of geeks waiting for the Diggnation show at SXSW what makes them so geeky. My favorite answer was the guy who said he had more computers than friends. Piece got picked up by CNN’s iReport.

9. Group Crowd Surf at Diggnation at SXSW 2011

One great moment at the show where I caught many well known geeks such as Leo Laporte, Brian Brushwood, Kevin Rose, and Alex Albrecht.

10. What’s the most over-hyped issue in security? (Hint: it’s white and fluffy)

When I asked this question at the security IT RSA Conference I didn’t realize almost everyone would say, “The Cloud.” Funny how they’re all interested in it, yet all fed up with it at the same time.

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