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Why Nerds Are Cool

on September 27, 2012

Here’s one of the videos I produced during the 2012 TechCrunch Disrupt hackathon where I was reporting for New Relic. Original post can be found on the New Relic blog.

Contrary to the number of wedgies and swirlies yesterday’s nerds may have received in grade school, today’s nerds are cool. At an uber-cool nightclub in San Francisco, Mighty, New Relic hosted a late night party after the first day of the 2012 TechCrunch Disrupt conference. With the music thumping, we asked a very nerdy and drunk audience, “What makes nerds cool?” This is what these wedgie-free nerds had to say about the coolness of nerd-dom.

Creative Commons photo attribution to hackNY.

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