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What Makes Us Truly Happy at Work

on August 6, 2013

“Do a job you love and you’ll never have to work in a day in your life.”

We’ve all heard that advice before and it’s pretty friggin’ insulting. Mostly because many of us don’t have the opportunity to do a job we love. But, we can love aspects of our work and what our job means to us, but still very much see it as work. At the Women 2.0 Founder Friday event at Google’s headquarters in San Francisco I asked attendees, “What truly makes you happy at work?” Here are their answers.

Thanks to the following for participating:

Molly O’Kane (@swsprouts), Adriana Ascenau (@whelmobaby), Robin Yang (@robinyang), Cassandra Anderson, Anastasia Ashman (@anastasiaashman), Kalin Kelly (@kalin_kelly), Debbie Lai (@aylai), Maria Zhang (@mariarenhui), Tasha Choi (@tashachoi), Vishal Kalia (@raf9dotcom), Michelle Martinez, Shanthala Balagopal (@shanthala), Alex (@alexandergnoss), Mark Xie (@hackerdreamer), Tonia Berry, Maria Gandara (@fer_gandara), Ling C (@tlingf), Lydia Harter (@lydali), Ali Price (@aliprice), Julia Fedorenko (@julfirefly), Btnna Park (@btnnapark02), Kathie Green (@kath8000), Mahendra R (@mahendra_gr), Marisol MacGreggor (@marimac), Caroline Caselli (@cmcaselli), Sarah Kling (@skkling), Melissa Shilliday, Nancy Hayes, Katherine Kuan, Luciana Carvalho (@lcarvalhose), Charlotte Crawford (@charlottecrwfrd), Tania Arrayales(@taniaarrayales), Bianca Loew (@biankayam), Bill Biggar (@billbiggar), Ruben Ximenez Rios (@schoolcontrolmx), Giselle Pineda, and everyone else whose names I unfortunately didn’t capture.

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