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More Business Advice You Should Ignore

on July 24, 2013

In April, I wrote an article 20 Pieces of Business Advice You Should Ignore. It was filled with often hackneyed advice that’s touted with very little sense as to the advice receiver’s business. I followed up on this article at the Women 2.0 Founder Friday event at Google’s headquarters in San Francisco where I asked attendees, what’s the worst business advice they’ve ever received. Here are their answers.

Special thanks to:

Molly O’Kane (@swsprouts), Adriana Ascenau (@whelmobaby), Robin Yang (@robinyang), Cassandra Anderson, Anastasia Ashman (@anastasiaashman), Kalin Kelly (@kalin_kelly), Debbie Lai (@aylai), Maria Zhang (@mariarenhui), Tasha Choi (@tashachoi), Vishal Kalia (@raf9dotcom), Michelle Martinez, Shanthala Balagopal (@shanthala), Alex (@alexandergnoss), Mark Xie (@hackerdreamer), Tonia Berry, Maria Gandara (@fer_gandara), Ling C (@tlingf), Lydia Harter (@lydali), Ali Price (@aliprice), Julia Fedorenko (@julfirefly), Btnna Park (@btnnapark02), Kathie Green (@kath8000), Mahendra R (@mahendra_gr), Marisol MacGreggor (@marimac), Caroline Caselli (@cmcaselli), Sarah Kling (@skkling), Melissa Shilliday, Nancy Hayes, Katherine Kuan, Luciana Carvalho (@lcarvalhose), Charlotte Crawford (@charlottecrwfrd), Tania Arrayales(@taniaarrayales), Bianca Loew (@biankayam), Bill Biggar (@billbiggar), Ruben Ximenez Rios (@schoolcontrolmx), Giselle Pineda, everyone at Women 2.0 and Founder Friday, and everyone else whose names I unfortunately didn’t capture.

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