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15 Painful Lessons You’ll Learn Working at a Startup

on July 18, 2013

Working at a startup is a series of one painful lesson after another. At the SF New Tech event in San Francisco I asked the attendees, all of whom work at a startup, what’s the most painful lesson they’ve learned. They had plenty, but each narrowed it down to just one.

Special thanks to all these people who participated in the event:

Laura Doehle, (@lauradoehle), Tom Charts (@thomasCharts), Christelle Colin (@enfantashistoire), Emmanuelle Bresson (@manuebresson), Philip Cortes (@philipcortes), Gargi Datta (@Gargi), Jungle Bird (@junglebird), Jaime Rose (@ms_jaimerose), Trevor Hicks (@trevorjhicks), Ryan Bell (@rybellus), Jonathan Ditroia (@jonathanDiTroia), Mia Aguillon (@stainedglasslab), Kristine Pinedo (@kristine_pinedo), Redg Snodgrass (@redgsnodgrass), Kyle Ellicott (@kyleellicott), Ian Fletcher, Josephine Lau, Michael O’Donnell (@photo), Peter Mullen (@pemullen), Christine Oneto (@christine1oneto), David Mandell (@dgmandell), Jimmy Tomczak (@paperfeet), Mike Hrostoski  (@Hrostoski), Chris Macdonald (@cbmac11), Cathy Goerz (@cathygoerz), Porter Gale (@portergale), Ben Deal (@therealbendeal), Dave Mathews (@ggdm), Shahar Nechmad (@nechmads), Lea Haep, Nadine Kaesler (@plutchko), Philipp Buhl, Kevin Marchel, Nick Chirichillo, Jeff Kirschner (@jeffkirschner), Landon Lerner, @shpare, Neil Pretlow, Shaun Saunders (@graffitipr), Ash Eldritch, Rika Nakazawa (@rikamarien), , and everyone else whose names I unfortunately didn’t capture. Plus thanks to Myles Weissleder (@mylerdude) and SF New Tech (@sfnewtech).


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