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36 of the Biggest Mistakes Startups Can Make

on June 6, 2013

At the SF New Tech French showcase last night I asked attendees what are the biggest mistakes startups can make. They gave me tons of great answers, and here are 36 of my favorite in less than 90 seconds.

Thanks to all the people who agreed to participate, many of which appear in the video.

Kevin Marks (@KevinMarks), Laurine Chassignon (@visiofair), Yuliya Dmytryshyn (@stanfy), Thibaut Duguet (@Ubifrance), Mathilde David (@Ubifrance), Lionel Roux, Sylvia Gallusser, Andra Tautu Robinson, Baptiste Lacroix, Ramon Jimenez (@Ubifrance), Phil Jeudy (@philjeudy), Guillaume Thomas (@aladom), Guillaume de La Tour, Tony Stilling (@tony2x), Brian Sherman (@clarityinfo), Nick Muldoon (@nickmuldoon), Shaun Saunders – @graffitipr), Ben Levy (@BootstrapLabs), JF Dechant (@bthecoach), Michael Nelson (@mbnel), Chase Beach (@chase_beach), James Teiser (@gonzoguru), Matthew Gonzales (@matthewgonzales), Frederic Dominioni (@rockingfred), Trevor Goss (@trevorgoss), Vassil Mladjov, Matt Fischer (@megosystems), Manuel Acevedo (@acevedo), Loic Gardiol (@loicgardiol), Steve Gurney (@sjg138), Nicolas Vilmert (@nvilmart), Daniel Chatelain (@danielchat), Arnaud Breton (@arnaud_breton), Clément Delangue (@clementdelangue), Yanni Giannaros (@yannigiannaros), Denny Arar (@dennyarar), Didier Baquier (@didierbaq), Peter Mullen (@pemullen), Gayle LaDoux (@gtotheld), Michael Compton (@easyzeke), Alex Lunev, Gregory Veran Caillavet, Claire Liot (@cstarleo), Marion Dessailly (@mariondesailly), Anne-Charlotte Chauvet (@ftt13), Jason Root (@ssgeek), Jai Decker (@jaidecker), Christian Arar, Sandira Calviac (@sandira), Valerie Morignat (@valeriemorignat), Melissa Glass (@missglass1821), Alfredo Coppola (@usmarketaccess), and Daisy the British Bulldog.

Photo courtesy of Dan Dion.

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