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Techniques for Working Smarter Not Harder in 2013

on January 2, 2013

Here’s one of the videos I produced at the 2012 Lean Startup Conference where I was reporting for New Relic. Original post can be found on the New Relic blog.

Bragging that you’ve worked a 16-hour day doesn’t actually increase your bottom line. Success comes from being smart about how you work which doesn’t necessarily mean you have to forgo sleep and family to be successful.

Much of the advice Eric Ries’ “The Lean Startup” speaks to working smarter, not harder. At The Lean Startup Conference in San Francisco, we asked attendees how they plan on working smarter, not harder in 2013. Here’s what they’re going to do. Will you do the same?

Creative Commons photo attribution to I .. C .. U.

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Cass Phillipps January 2, 2013 at 10:12 am

These are great tips specifically for company managers and founders.  I’d love a follow-up post with perhaps career coaches or work mentors on how people on an individual level can work smarter.  Like disconnecting from the web when it’s not needed.  Setting time for breaks and time for work.  Working with a manageable To Do list and not daunting items, etc.

David Spark January 2, 2013 at 3:08 pm

 Well Cass, I think you’ll be interested in these two other videos as well. From the GTD (Getting Things Done) Summit, “What we your bad habits” and another one from the Lean Startup Conference “Best Advice on Starting a New Business”

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