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20 Brilliant Minds on the Future of Hyperconnectivity

on December 27, 2012

Back in April of this year I was invited by Wharton School and the Institute of the Future to conduct a series of interviews with some really smart people about what will be possible “After Broadband.” How would we be able to conduct our lives and business in ultimate hyperconnectivity?

Leslie Salmon-Zhu, a graphic recorder, created a series of large format image notes of the conversations that happened during this one day workshop.

I conducted a total of twenty 10-minute long interviews with these super smart people and learned a ton. They’re all excellent and available to watch, but here’s a small sampling of a few of my favorites.

Begin with Bran Ferren of Applied Minds as he explains that to understand what will be “After Broadband” you have to look at what’s not obvious.

Philip Rosedale of Coffee and Power and creator of Second Life about how the virtual world of Second Life can transform our first lives.

Milo Medin of Google on the capacity growth of the Internet going up, but revenue staying flat.

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