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5 Best Videos from the RSA Conference (#RSAC)

on February 28, 2011

Two weeks ago I attended the RSA Conference to report on the latest issues in IT security for Spark Media Solutions’ sponsor, Tripwire. My video editor and I produced 38 articles and blog posts of which 36 include video. You’ll find all our content on the Tripwire blog. But we’re publishing the content under Creative Commons license and you’re welcome to reuse and republish this content, for reporting, or promotional purposes.

Given all the reporting and production we did, I thought I’d pick out my five favorite videos we produced. Hope you like them. And below, you’ll find all our other coverage which includes 31 more videos. There’s lots of good stuff in there. And I welcome any and all feedback. Thanks!

Here they are: My five favorite videos from the RSA Conference

RSA Conference: End of show report – Five minute summary of the show.
What’s the most over-hyped issue in security? (Hint: it’s white and fluffy) – Funny compilation video of people answering this question.
RSA Conference: What are the top security issues of 2011? – Another compilation video where attendees gave their two cents on hot issues in security.
Black Hat’s prediction: A new threat that doesn’t want the network to work
Security purchasing based on fear of the auditor, not the attacker

Here’s some more coverage from the RSA Conference

31 more great video interviews from the RSA Conference

For compliance monitoring, not all cloud providers are created equal
Security’s only constant is human behavior
Are you aggressive about security enablement?
Creating a long term security plan as opposed to security firefighting
VERIS: Sharing and standardizing risk and incident reports
RSA Conference: Second day show report from Liquid Matrix
Security B-Sides: Security geeks on a carousel
Former security expert becomes developer and makes lots of security mistakes
PCI Compliance alert: Time to switch to version 2.0 of PCI DSS
How do you enforce mobile phone security policies?
What should I be doing in mobile security?
Successful cloud security requires clarity and automation around processes and policies
Buyer-to-buyer “Consumer Reports” for security products
Due to customer demand Terremark integrates Tripwire cloud protective services
As a security professional, how do you present risk to executive management?
Predictability of risk: macro, micro, eliminating, and creating trade offs
Social media monitoring in Excel
What’s driving M&A in the security space?
Top security issues for 2011: Data loss prevention and internal threats
EFF vs. copyright trollers
Most overlooked data loss is from 3rd-party data recovery vendors
RSA Conference: First day show report from CyberJungle Radio
Security B-Sides’ co-founder attributes its success to conversations
The most common security mistakes developers make
The most effective way to deploy SIEM
Building community with Security B-Sides
Why is “cloud security” so over hyped?
Mobile security has to be done in the cloud
Security B-Sides: Attendees take ownership of the event
Zombies invade RSA!
Cool interactive video screen at Tripwire booth

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