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One Simple Move to Improve Your Productivity Dramatically

on October 9, 2013

The average person unlocks their phone 110 times every day (source: Locket).

Many of those unlockings are the result of us reacting to alerts from our phone.

So here’s the one secret to huge gains in productivity.

Turn off all your alerts

  • Turn off that alert on your phone that chimes whenever a new email comes in.
  • Turn off that other magical noise that tells you when someone has played you in Words with Friends.
  • Turn off the alert that lets you know someone commented on your Facebook status.
  • Turn off the alert that someone @replied one of your tweets.

They were all turned on by default by your app developer. It’s time to turn them off.

Every single one of those alerts take you out of your concentration on current work. They’re fighting for your attention just to make their apps popular. They don’t care if you’re productivity drops to zero.

None of those alerts are important to what you’re doing right now. They are just brand new distractions that only slow your productivity.

Whatever you’re doing right now, stop, and check the settings on all the aforementioned apps, and any others that are chiming you and turn off those completely unnecessary alerts.

While you’re at it go into your computer and update the alert settings for email, Facebook, and Twitter.

Now watch your productivity increase dramatically. You’re welcome.


Stock photo of alarm on phone courtesy of Bigstock Photo.

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