Threatening YouTube. Don’t be suckered by domain registration companies.

by David Spark on March 22, 2007

The TV networks and film industry’s frustration with YouTube may come to an end soon. News Corp and NBC Universal announced that by this summer they’ll be offering a YouTube competitor with full length TV shows and movies (something you don’t get on YouTube, but you can get on the French site Dailymotion).

While YouTube does have the audience that the networks want, it’s easier for the content creators to create or buy a YouTube clone (there are more than 240 of them out there) than it is for Google/YouTube to generate on its own highly sought after content that they’re currently hosting illegally.

Success of this new network comes down to how much control they relinquish to the user community. We’ll have to wait until summer and see.

And I close with a piece of advice to the listening community. If you’re going to buy a domain name through a service like Network Solutions,, or GoDaddy, don’t fall for their obnoxious upselling. The worst offender is GoDaddy. They have incredibly cheap domains, $9.40 for a year, but they hammer you with worthless add-ons like security protection. A friend of mine purchased a bunch of domains online and they called him the next day pushing him really hard to upgrade to the “pro” package. As my friend Bill Biggar said, “With those sales techniques, no wonder they can afford Super Bowl ads.”

Ignore the upsell. You just want to own the domain name. Just buy the bare bones version and be done with it.

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