Nothing drives traffic like death threats. Sprint relinquishes music pricing to Apple.

by David Spark on March 27, 2007

It’s no longer safe to go out into the blogosphere. Violence and death threats have entered the blogosphere at prominent blogger Kathy Sierra. The blogging community has begun to rally around her in support. These threats have drawn an insane level of blogging traffic. Robert Scoble and many others have announced they’ve stopped blogging this week in a sign of solidarity with Sierra. The identity of those posting the death threats is still unknown even though the posts are coming from well known blogging groups.

And the number one mobile conference and trade show, CTIA, began in Orlando today. Sprint showed off the UpStage, a sexy music phone from Samsung that’s just quite as sexy as the iPhone. And Sprint has relinquished control of pricing downloadable music to Apple by dropping the cost of a song downloaded over a Sprint phone to just $.99. That’s a massive drop from $2.50/a song when Sprint launched music downloading over your phone in 2005.

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