Singapore to Wi-Fi. Windows Vista on schedule? More MS Office competitors. Advice to protect your search.

by David Spark on August 29, 2006

Not to be outdone by a search engine’s blanketing a city with Wi-Fi, the island of Singapore has decided it’s going to canvas its entire nation with a Wi-Fi signal. And it’s only going to cost them $3.2 billion. And you thought your cable bill was high.

And despite warnings from many critics including former Microsoft blogger Robert Scoble, it appears that Microsoft will release the first version of Windows Vista to reviewers within days. That means they may make their target to deliver the operating system before the end of the year. And the prices for the four different versions of the OS are rumored to vary from $100 up to $350.

Yesterday I referenced Google’s attempt to go after Microsoft’s near complete domination of the office application market. Well, they’re not alone. Red Herring has a story up that reviews seventeen Web-based applications that are also trying to eat a piece of the office application pie.

And given all the concern surrounding the security of searching thanks to AOL’s inappropriate release of 20 million searches, Lifehacker has some great advice on protecting your Web searches. No solution is 100% safe, but this advice and the recommended tools will help get you there.

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