AT&T exposes another 19,000 customers. Berkeley students online sensitivity training. Free Google books. Download YouTube to Video iPod.

by David Spark on August 30, 2006

Our friends at AT&T have exposed their customers’ personal information once again. But this time not voluntarily. It appears that hackers have stolen credit card information from 19,000 customers who signed up for DSL equipment on AT&T’s site. That incentive to sign up online for DSL to save a couple dollars of month kind of backfired. AT&T said they’ll contact those people whose information was exposed.

Nearly 6,000 Berkeley students entering school this year will have to undergo an online sensitivity training course before the university grants them Internet privileges. The video the students will have to watch will explain the perils of drawing unwanted attention through file sharing, instant messaging, and posting personal data on social networks like Facebook and MySpace.

Looking for some last minute summer reading? Google, who has been in the process of scanning and indexing a library of books, announced that they will make some public domain books like Aesop Fables and Dante’s Inferno available for free download and PDF print out.

And for those of you obsessed with YouTube, but don’t have time to watch online, TubeSock offers a way for you to download videos to iTunes and iPod Video.

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