AT&T protecting your privacy? Apple settles with Creative. More battery recalls. Watch TV at work

by David Spark on August 24, 2006

You know what I love about AT&T? They always leave me guessing. Currently, they’re suing 25 data brokers who they claim posed as customers and fraudulently accessed private phone records. Wasn’t it just four months ago that we discovered they’d been volunteering this information to the NSA without questioning the legality of it? And to bring the irony full circle, a congressional investigation discovered that the U.S. government spent $30 million last year buying personal data from data brokers just like the ones AT&T is suing.

Apple has agreed to pay Creative $100 million to settle its supposed use of the “Zen patent” which spells out some very vague methods for navigating, organizing and accessing music.

In addition, Apple is recalling 1.8 million Sony batteries for fear they’ll burst into flames as has been reported with some Dell notebook batteries which are also manufactured from Sony.

And for those of you who like to watch TV at work, but don’t have a TV at your desk, check out It’s a great site for watching streaming videos.

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