Sony buys Grouper. No Segway in UK. One Click Sex Offender Reporting. Polls are open at Business Week

by David Spark on August 24, 2006

Sony has purchased video sharing site Grouper for $65 million. Based in Sausalito, Grouper has a whopping 1% of the market which is actually pretty impressive when you take YouTube out of the mix and realize that in the video sharing space they have about 240 competitors.

Sony will use Grouper to distribute and promote its films and TV programs as well as sell ads.

The Segway. The over-hyped overpriced human transport will no longer be seen on the streets or sidewalks of Great Britain. The government invoked a 170 year old act to ban the $5000 transporter’s use in public spaces. That same act also bans the playing of football on public highways. brought us one click shopping and now Microsoft is introducing “one click sex offender reporting.” Introduced in the UK, users of their instant messaging programs can report suspicious chatters with a click which then takes you to a live police officer.

And Business Week has opened the polls for their Best of the Web contest.

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