Friendster to become Sue-ster? Search AOL CTO "canned." Snakes on a Waste of Eight Months.

by David Spark on August 22, 2006

Remember Friendster? Well, they just made another $10 million in VC funding. But it doesn’t look like that money is going to go into building a better Friendster, but probably a better Lawsuit-ster. You see Friendster was just awarded a patent for their social networking technology. And the buzz in the market now is the only reason a trio of VC firms bought the failing social network is so that they can sue every social network into oblivion or maybe collect some licensing fees. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Somebody’s going to pay for releasing search behavior from more than 600,000 AOL users, and that person is –drum roll- Chief Technology Officer Maureen Govern who didn’t even make it to her one year paper anniversary at the company.

Dreams do come true. Brian Finkelstein who either wisely spent or wasted the last eight months of his life writing the diary “Snakes on a Blog” about the production of the movie “Snakes on a Plane” was invited to the premiere at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre. Finkelstein got free airfare and a hotel. New Line Cinema got $15.3 million. Finkelstein just posted his account yesterday.

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