The James Kim story

by David Spark on December 7, 2006

I’m amazed how this story resonated around the country. People have been tuned into it everywhere. They identified with this family and their plight. But no one could imagine what was going through their minds. It’s so tragic.

I thought about James a lot last night and I couldn’t help but think about him dying this horrific slow death, and that he died thinking that he had killed his family. I worked with James in the editorial department of ZDTV/TechTV. He was a genuinely nice man who enjoyed engaging in tech debate, especially when it came to his passion, music.

This has been the number one story online. The SFGate, the online portion of the SFChronicle, has a story outlining all the statistics of people tuned into the story.

As of writing this piece, the two top stories on Digg are James’ death and the rescue of Kati and the kids. There are already 1700 comments there. Plus there are many other connected stories.

Plus there’s a Google Earth image showing James’ path looking for help. It’s distressing to see he almost made a complete circle.

On CNET’s page of comments for the Kim family, there are more than 2500 comments. The Daily Kos has 200.

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