Essay: The 12 Principles of New Media

by David Spark on April 23, 2007

As part of the launch of my business site, I wrote an essay entitled “The 12 Principles of New Media.” (PDF) In it I break down new media’s success to these 12 different concepts.

  1. The economics of your time
  2. We don’t need more choice. We need more TV Guides.
  3. Video: The new core competency
  4. Ego grows the Internet
  5. Be truthful or be exposed
  6. Believe your gut, not the statistics
  7. Interest and then engage
  8. Reduce the layers for engagement
  9. Mobile phones, the ultimate direct response device
  10. Be the connector
  11. Give options for engagement
  12. You need to participate

What I love about creating these list type essays is that everyone has their own lists and inevitably someone, if not everyone is going to simultaneously agree AND disagree with me. And for that reason I wanted to get some other viewpoints so I also started creating some videos where I interviewed the following experts on each of these principles.

Brian Powley – iCrossing
Chris Heuer – Social Media Club
Chris Peterson – Chautauqua Communications
Chris Shipley – Guidewire Group
Colette Vogele – Vogele Law
Gary Bolles – Microcast
Greg Sterling – Sterling Market Intelligence
Samantha Muchmore – DRAFTFCB

I’m producing a total of 12 videos one for each principle with these experts. I’ll launch one a week over a total of 12 weeks. If you’re interested in the content, but not the video, you can either read the transcript or listen to the audio file via stream, download, or podcast.

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