Value of journalistic integrity > Apple's ad dollars

by David Spark on May 10, 2007

Well, it appears that PC World has come to its senses regarding the issue of what has more value, the journalistic integrity of a publication that’s spent years building its editorial, or a simple advertising buy from a very large computer company (Apple). (See previous blog entry, “Journalistic credibility has value too.“) Given the public nature of Harry McCraken’s quitting as PC World’s editor in chief it was no surprise that this was the decision PC World made. The negative publicity could only have resulted in fewer subscriptions which would result in lower advertising rates for Apple and all other advertisers.

Having known Harry from previous work with PC World, we actually discussed his quitting via an IM discussion the night of his announcement. He wasn’t willing to speak much on the subject because at the time many of the elements were still unfolding. Most of us in the public didn’t know the full story (CEO tried, but it was only half-assed. Note this blog entry has been pulled even though it’s still available to view). What we did know though didn’t look good for PC World. We both agreed IDG/PC World was going to have to do something to spin this positively in the publication’s favor. I think everyone, except maybe Steve Jobs and Crawford, thinks IDG made the right choice. :)

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