VIDEO: Audience shakes macaroni boxes at Purim

by David Spark on March 21, 2008

Last night I hosted the Purim Follies at Temple Emanu-El in San Francisco. The show is a silly variety show I host every year for the community. Purim, for those of you who don’t know, is a fun Jewish holiday where people dress up in costume and participate in the reading of the Megillah. It’s a story of an evil man Haman who tried to rub out the Jews. Haman is so unliked, that every time you hear his name you’re supposed to make lots of noise and drown it out.

This year, Emanu-El thought of something unusual. They decided to connect the fun of making lots of noise at Purim with a food drive. The temple invited everyone to bring boxes of macaroni to make noise during the show and then afterwards donate them as part of the food drive. At one point of the evening I got up on stage and videotaped everyone making noise with their boxes of macaroni. Kraft, are you paying attention here? This could be your next marketing gimmick.

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