VIDEO: SFMusicTech 08: What does Dave McClure know about music?

by David Spark on May 9, 2008

I spoke to Dave McClure, investor, producer of Graphing Social Patterns, and blogger at Master of 500 Hats after moderating the panel Social Networking Platforms and Music at the SanFran MusicTech summit in San Francisco. He admittedly doesn’t know much about music, but he’s very tuned into social networking. After speaking to music tech geeks, I asked Dave what he learned. Looking at his notepad, he rattled off a list of services that were brought up during the discussion that he wants to learn more about including SongKick, JamBase, MyStrands, iMeem, and Dave also talked about the panel and the audience disagreeing on the issue of what service-YouTube, iTunes, or MySpace-has been the most influential in the music industry.

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