CMO Club May '08: lead generation, social media, and redefining the role of marketing

by David Spark on May 22, 2008

My business, Spark Media Solutions, builds and manages editorial media networks for companies so that they can create their own voice (ideally thought leadership) within their industry. Launching a media network can be drawn out and to get recognized can take months to over a year. Spark Media Solutions jump starts that process by launching an organization’s media network at an event as we did for The CMO Club in NYC for its “You’re Not Alone Anymore” Summit.

Spark Media Solutions produced an amazing amount of coverage of the event. A total of 17 posts on various sessions, 14 videos, and 52 photos all over a period of just a day and a half. The highlights for the event were David Scott’s lead generation presentation and the CMO breakout groups on lead generation, PR, and social media for which we have close to 30 minutes of coverage on video for you to watch.

Here’s all the coverage from the event:



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