Twitter Updates for David Spark (dspark) 2008-08-21

by David Spark on August 21, 2008

  • NYT article earlier this week. Really good piece on Jon Stewart and The Daily Show. #
  • @lornali Have you attended Blogher? I was there and it was total flip flop for M/W at a tech conference. I was in the 5% minority. #
  • About to interview Susan Bratton of Personal Life Media ( for the “Be the Voice” podcast. #
  • @SusanBratton Thanks for recording Be the Voice with me. :) Will be up soon. #
  • @lornali Very true, upper management is still male dominated. Check out They support women in upper mgmt in high tech. #
  • @morganb I’ll be at Mashable tonight. See you there. #
  • Any security gurus out there want to be my guinea pig for a trivia game on security I’m writing? If so, DM me back. really tough questions. #

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