Why is Apple leaving MacWorld? A rumor roundup

by David Spark on December 20, 2008

The announcement of Apple leaving MacWorld has stirred up as one would expect a whole host of rumors as to why they’re pulling out of the conference they’ve dominated for so many years. What I find so funny with all the rumors is that there isn’t a single one that supports or even believes Apple’s rationale (our stores are so great) as announced in their press release.

Here’s a short list of some of the arm chair geeking as to why there will be no more Apple at MacWorld.

Steve Jobs’ health – He’s been looking rather skinny and the company’s economic outlook is dependent on Steve. They haven’t been publicly grooming his successor.

Apple got in a dispute with IDG – Apple likes to get its way all the time and there’s a feeling that Apple wanted something that IDG, the producers of MacWorld, couldn’t deliver on, so Apple picked up their ball and went home.

Apple is hitting a wall for product delivery – Apple can’t keep up the once a year schedule of delivering a whiz bang product. They simply can’t manage the expectations they’ve built for their audience.

Apple wants to release products on their own time schedule – Instead of once a year, Apple will release products at their own events whenever they damn please.

Apple can’t control MacWorld – Since MacWorld isn’t owned by Apple, they can’t control it. Jobs and the entire company are built on control. They’re going to launch their own products in the venues of their choosing at the time they want to do it.

OK, so that’s just a short list. I’m sure there are plenty more. Got some ideas as to why Apple’s not coming back to MacWorld?

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