Know when your favorite band (or comedian) will be in town

by David Spark on December 20, 2008

You know when you use a new technology and it instantly delivers on its promise, allowing you to immediately see its value.

Such was the case of my first experience with SonicLiving, a site for finding out when your favorite bands and comedians will be coming to your town and performing.

When you sign up for SonicLiving, you let the program scan your iTunes library and if you want your accounts with, Lala, and Pandora. Enter your zip code and then SonicLiving will show you a calendar of upcoming shows of bands and comedians you listen to that will be playing in your area.

After just a few minutes of crunching (a one time process), SonicLiving saw that one of my favorite bands, Fountains of Wayne, will have an acoustic performance at a club nearby. I immediately picked up tickets. For each show, there’s a button to buy.

This tip is for the Spark Minute week of 12/22/08 which can be heard daily on Green 960 and 910 KNEW in San Francisco, CA.

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