Most unusual and unique online dating sites

by David Spark on February 17, 2009

On Mashable today is an article I wrote about some rather unusual and unique online dating sites. What I’m always amused about with online dating and sex for that matter, is that for every interest or deviancy, there is not only a person that’s interested, but there’s an entire market for it.

The piece covers sites for pot smokers, dirty old men, Star Trek fanatics, terminally ill people, and only gorgeous people. Plus, a whole lot more. Check it out and let me know which one you plan on joining.

UPDATE (2/19/09): Since writing this piece, a few people have told me about other very unusual online dating sites. Here are a few more.

Flirt to Convert: Religious matchmaking for daters looking to convert

Looking to explore another religion? Or maybe you’re looking to convert someone. This site matches people who are looking to convert to Hinduism with those people looking to help them get there. And you can do it all while you’re dating. They will also match people for converting to Judiasm, Christianity, Islamism, Buddhism, and Atheism.

Date to Save: Dating to save people from Hell

Similar to Flirt to Convert, this site is specifically about converting people to Christianity through dating. The site advertises itself as offering up “Hot Women and Hot Girls for Missionary Dating.” How often do you think this site comes up in searches for porn? You must read the 10 Christian Dating Tips for Effective Missionary Dating. I was going to pick my favorite, but they’re all my favorite.

No Longer Lonely: Online dating for people with mental illness

Ever want to go out with a manic depressive? Or maybe you’ve always had your sights on a psychotic. Now you can have your dream and you can share your anti-depressant medication.

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