Sponsor the Spark Minute and get more than 700,000 impressions every week

by David Spark on February 18, 2009

Sponsor the Spark Minute radio segmentHere it is everyone. A blog post that’s a plug to sponsor my daily radio technology segment, The Spark Minute. I knew you were excited to read this.

But if you’re truly interested in signing up for a great sponsorship, that’s got great coverage and a very low introductory sponsorship price, then read on.

The Spark Minute is heard multiple times every day across two Clear Channel radio stations, Green 960 and 910 KNEW, in the San Francisco. I’ve put together a fantastic sponsorship package that delivers more than 700,000 impressions every week across over-the-air radio, podcast, and Web.

To get the sponsorship one-sheet that includes information about audience, placement, and pricing, email me at david AT sparkmediasolutions DOT com.

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