Looking for social media rule breakers

by David Spark on March 6, 2009

Over time, the social networking community and social media gurus have collectively agreed upon a set of “rules” of online discourse (e.g. only post on certain days, stay on topic, don’t use Twitter for that, your blog isn’t a forum for such and such, etc.).

While many of these rules are good guidelines, we all know that for every rule that’s agreed upon, someone has broken it and become very successful.

Are you a successful rule breaker?

I’m writing a story for Mashable about people who have broken the “rules” of social media and succeeded. If that’s you, please email me your STORY to daspark AT gmail DOT com.

What rule did you break and how did you become successful doing it?

In your email, please let me know if you want your name and company name and any other identifying info (e.g. Twitter handle) mentioned. Or, if you like, you can stay anonymous.

These stories may also appear in other publishing projects.

I put a request out on Peter Shankman’s HARO (Help a Reporter Out), but I thought I’d also make a request on my own blog.

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