Highlights from Interop '09 Las Vegas

by David Spark on May 25, 2009

Last week I was in Las Vegas reporting at Interop ’09 for Riverbed, manufacturers of WAN optimization devices and technology. What I learned from Riverbed, their customers, and partners is solving the problem of quick access to data over a wide area network can have an amazing trickle down effect to the rest of your business. When you can speed up one process, like file transfer across disparate nodes, it affects so many more points of your business. WAN optimization provides so many benefits:

  • Can be as fast or faster than a LAN: Traditionally, you need multiple data centers around the world so employees in remote locations can access data quickly. Instead, consolidate data centers and use WAN optimization. Riverbed had one customer case where an employee accessed data faster remotely from their satellite office in Indonesia than from the home office’s data center in Philadelphia.
  • Save money on hardware and software: Reduce the number of print servers and file servers. Plus, since people can actually do work off the main data center, there’s no need to get tons more software licenses for additional servers.
  • Project completion and management speeds up considerably. For those file intensive projects, like with game development (Activision is one of Riverbed’s clients), file transfers become the bottleneck to get anything done. Eliminate the file transfer bottleneck and then watch every step in the project speed up. Everything gets delivered a lot quicker, ultimately meaning they can deliver games to market faster.

Here’s a summary of all the coverage for three days. There’s a total of 40 articles, of which 30 include video.

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