Investing in Web 2.0 and how to get noticed

by David Spark on July 22, 2009

This article is part of a road show presentation series I’m doing in Toronto for Intertainment Media, owners of Itibiti Systems. This post has been reprinted on the Intertainment Media blog.

After conducting a talk at Research Capital in Toronto, ON, I chatted with David Shore, SVP & Head, Technology Group at Research Capital and Alec Saunders, CEO of iotum, makers of Calliflower, a free to pay conference calling application.

Shore organized the event and authors the Web 2.0 Weekly, a newsletter covering the financial aspects of the Web 2.0 space. Looking for trends and investing opportunities, he follows this space closely.

Alec Saunders is an old friend who I’ve interviewed before in my “Be the Voice” podcast and he was part of my presentation. He successfully launched his unknown product by being passionate about blogging and podcasting. He’s got one other tip on getting recognized. Watch the video.

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