Biggest mistakes by social media gurus

by David Spark on October 21, 2008

Have you made any colossally stupid mistakes in social media? In a guest post today on Mashable, I interviewed many social media gurus on some of the biggest missteps they’ve made in social media. Here’s a quick list of my favorites:

Hire a voice talent for $2,000 to read a podcast for you
– Paul Dunay, Global Director of Integrated Marketing at BearingPoint
Participate in flame wars to increase traffic
– Dana Gardner, founder of Interarbor Solutions
Assume that social media doesn’t exist until you arrive
– Chris Brogan, social media strategist
Post a comment on your own Facebook profile wall
– David M. Scott, author of “The New Rules of Marketing and PR”
Accept friend requests from people you barely know
– Robin Wolaner, founder of
Stalk women on Facebook
– Stewart Alsop, partner of Alsop Louie Partners

That last one is actually not a mistake according to Stewart Alsop. Make sure you read the article for the full list and descriptions of what happened in each instance, and please add your own mistakes in the comments. To learn more from many of these people, make sure you subscribe to my “Be the Voice” blog and podcast for stories of thought leadership driving business growth.

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