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by David Spark on August 23, 2008

Episode five of the “Be the Voice” podcast stars Dana Gardner who is the founder and principal of the analyst firm Interarbor Solutions. Gardner also blogs for ZDNet, plus he’s also the host of BriefingsDirect, a podcast that lets sit in and listen to the in depth conversation during an analyst briefing.

What is the “Be the Voice” podcast? Interviews with individuals developing thought leadership for themselves and their organization to drive business growth.
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Steve Gillmor, Dana Gardner, Dan Farber by Scott Beale, LaughingSquid

Steve Gillmor, Dana Gardner, and Dan Farber (photo by Scott Beale / Laughing Squid)

Here are some of the highlights from my interview with Dana Gardner:

  • Deliver high quality content and the social media tools and search engines will do their work to make your material discoverable.
  • Answer your audience’s questions.
  • It is possible to produce editorial content that satisfies the desires of your audience and your sponsors.
  • BriefingsDirect aims to expose in full the analyst briefing experience. A valuable conversation that traditionally has been hidden from the public.
  • Social media allows for interaction and feedback from your audience which is far cheaper and faster than conducting traditional research.
  • Flame wars can result in great traffic, but they don’t solicit the audience you really want.
  • Don’t rely on a single individual to be the voice of your company. Create a network of voices.

Read the entire article and listen to my interview with Dana Gardner [24:11m].

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