Is Google dominating or leading the way?

by David Spark on January 10, 2010

Friday night I appeared on KQED’s “This Week in Northern California” to discuss Google’s announcement of its Nexus One a.k.a. “Google Phone.” As mentioned by one of the reporters on the show, so many articles about Google lead with the headline “Are they trying to take over the world?”

(Video automatically skips ahead to my segment (6 min). Watch larger version.)

Most articles don’t follow through with telling the “Google taking over the world” story. The title comes off as more of a ploy just to get people to read the article. In my appearance I talked about how any business that’s delivering digital goods can get and are getting into anyone else’s business that also delivers digital goods. We’ve already been seeing it with cable companies becoming phone companies and vice versa.

In Google’s case, they’re not just getting into other people’s business, but they’re trying to help others get into each others’ business. Because their ultimate goal is so that their business, selling ads, can be seen on more screens, most notably the ones that everyone is looking at, the new age of smart phones.

See the whole episode and more on KQED’s “This Week in Northern California” site.

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