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The very last Cranky Geeks episode!

on September 23, 2010

This week is the airing of the very last Cranky Geeks episode. I thought I had been on as early as episode #8, but it turns out as Cranky Geeks fans have researched for me that I was on episode #1. I’m kind of honored to have appeared on the very first episode and the very last episode, #237. It ran for 4 1/2 years and I really had a lot of fun with John and all the other guests. This last episode is a lot of fun. We don’t talk about any tech news. We just talk about the show and look back at how the show has been made. I’m on with Chris DiBona from Google, Cade Metz from The Register and of course the Chief Crank, John C. Dvorak. Watch the last episode.

To see past episodes that I’ve appeared on, here are all the ones I’ve actually posted to my own blog, but Google does a much better job finding all of my past episodes than I did posting on my own blog.

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