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Our Most Fun Videos and Articles of 2012

on December 5, 2012

One of the great things about working at Spark Media Solutions are all the fun articles and videos we get to make for ourselves and our clients. We looked back at everything we produced this past year and picked out our favorites. Here they are. Enjoy and have a great 2013.

Best Interviews and Funniest Moments from Spark Media Solutions

To celebrate our five years in business we decided to put together a short 90-second “sizzle” reel of some of our favorite moments and people we’ve interviewed. If you’re a tech geek, you’ll recognize most everyone. Everyone else will recognize the rock stars.

Your “How To” Guide to Repelling Talented Tech Pros

Are you making mistakes with your recruiting and you don’t even know it? At SXSW we asked some of the top recruiters what NOT to do when it comes to talent acquisition. You can avoid making another stupid recruiting mistake by watching this video.

Why Nerds Are Cool

Contrary to the number of wedgies and swirlies yesterday’s nerds may have received in grade school, today’s nerds are cool. At an uber-hip nightclub in San Francisco, I asked the “proud to be nerd” attendees, “Why is it cool to be a nerd?”

Which Dating Site at ad:tech Will Get You Laid?

At ad:tech this year I caught one moment where the hired booth babes of Fling dot com were chatting up the babes of iBallers. Both sites are “hookup sites” with the understood point of connecting is to have sex. Here’s what happened in our engagement and you make the call as to which one will better help you get laid.

SXSW Gripes on Social Media

With everything we love, there’s always still something to complain about. Even at SXSW where social media is the flavor du jour, I was still able to find plenty of people willing to tell me what really annoys them about social networking.

SXSW Survival Tips from Those Who Lived Through It

SXSW is not an easy conference to survive. So much of the conference happens outside of the conference center and to the wee hours of the morning. How do you handle a conference that pretty much goes on 20 hours each day?

What Happens When You Ask Security Pros for Their Password?

Hackers go to amazing lengths to try to get your password. Silly video producers like me just head to the RSA Conference and ask attendees straight up, “Hey…What’s your password?” You’ll be amazed and amused by their responses.

9 “Effective” Yet Obnoxious Social Media Capturing Techniques

There’s plenty of advice on how to acquire followers in social media, but many of them are unethical and rude. You may be effective, but are you doing the “right” thing?

13 Annoying Communications that Must End in 2012

My readers love to hear me complain. 2011 was the first year I wrote such an article and it was such a hit I realized I had to deliver again, which I hopefully did with this batch of complaints.

14 Annoying Communications That Must End in 2013

So I wrote both of these annoying communications articles in 2012. It’s amazing how I couldn’t wait until 2013 to let you know what more is pissing me off. Please read both and let me know what annoyances I missed.

10 Ways We’re Being Rude in Social Media and Don’t Even Know It

We’ve been engaging in these social behaviors so long that we don’t realize how selfish and obnoxious we’ve become.

Creative Commons photo attribution to hackNY. Photo of me interviewing the models courtesy of Sukhjit Ghag. Stock photos courtesy of Shutterstock and Big Stock Photo.

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