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Launching the Digital Media Revolution on “You Kids Today”

on January 13, 2013

One of my good friends in technology, Patrick Kearney (@pjk), has launched a brand new podcast, You Kids Today, and asked me to be his very first guest.

Listen to the 29 minute show:

Patrick’s original podcast, PJK Podcast, was one of my favorites. The theme of that show asked, “Is technology making my life easier or harder?” In each episode Patrick told a new story which challenged that question. One week technology was helping, the next week it was hurting. I really enjoyed the podcast because it was so often story based and extremely memorable. For example, Patrick, like many of us who grew up with computers have become tech support for our parents. At the beginning it’s a novelty and soon it becomes a nuisance. Patrick was so fed up with his mom’s calls about her really old broken down PC that he just gave up and bought her a brand new iMac so he wouldn’t be so overwhelmed with support requests.

In Patrick’s new show, You Kids Today, he talks to people who were on the forefront of the digital media revolution. I was fortunate enough to be with ZDTV for the first three years that cable network launched. We talked about the early days of producing a TV network about technology and then what all the others went on to do. We discussed making money from podcasting and a lot more. Listen to the 29 minute show below, and go to Patrick’s site for links to all the items that were mentioned during the show.

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