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by David Spark on May 22, 2007 is the phenomenon created by 20-something Justin Kan who decided to strap a camera to his head, connect it to four(!) Sprint EV-DO modems and broadcast his life around the clock.

The big news is the announcement of the network which allows anyone to be like too. Anyone will now be able to create a experience of their own. Strap a camera on your head/hat and record your incredibly boring life 24/7.

But interestingly enough your life will get far more interesting once you actually slap that camera on your head. That’s what’s happened to Justin. I’ve seen Justin at parties in San Francisco and he kind of sticks out like anyone would who has a camera strapped to their head. In the two months since the launch of he’s drawn a lot of attention with a police raid on his apartment, an appearance on The Today Show, and an eviction.

Competing with is another site I wrote about a while back called is a simple Web tool that lets you be up and broadcasting within minutes.

The two may go head to head or they may slide into different respective niches of the kind of broadcasting content they attract. While is cool, it doesn’t have the lead piece of content that is to attract people to be like Justin Kan.

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