VIDEO: Interview with George Carlin's last opening act, Rob Paravonian

by David Spark on June 25, 2008

Rob Paravonian MarqueeI had dinner with my comic friend from Chicago, Rob Paravonian who you may know well from his insanely successful Pachelbel Rant on YouTube (over 5 million views). It’s from that video that he became George Carlin’s opening act for the past year. A few days after Carlin’s death, Rob and I met up for dinner and I interviewed him about comedy and working with George Carlin.

Rob also has a great video podcast called “Life as a Comic” which is all about what it’s like to work and live like a road comic. Any aspiring comedians should definitely watch it. While Rob hasn’t updated the video podcast in 10 months, he’s got about a dozen timeless episodes up for viewing. Maybe the increased viewing will inspire him to make more episodes.

In last night’s interview, we talked about Rob’s offstage relationship with George Carlin and how the success of his YouTube video has brought crowds of cello students to his shows.

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