Welcome to the Be the Voice blog and podcast

on July 9, 2008

Welcome to the “Be the Voice” blog and podcast. This blog is an ongoing project to uncover the stories of how businesses are driving business growth through thought leadership.

In the new economy of ideas and information, your business growth is dependent on your ability to educate your audience at the time they need to make decisions. Creating an industry voice is critical, because every time you provide an answer at a key point, you move potential consumers along the decision making process to purchase. The goal is to turn these seekers into consumers and ultimately evangelists who in turn will help your business continue to provide decision making information.

Are you creating editorial content online that’s driving your business’ growth? If so, I’m interested in talking with you. Please contact me at david AT sparkmediasolutions DOT com.

Please visit Spark Media Solutions if your company is looking for an industry voice producing solution.

And for more on me, David Spark, please read my blog, Spark Minute or my bio.

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