For the eighth year in a row Spark Media Solutions attended the RSA Conference in San Francisco to ask the scariest or the most inappropriate question about security. In the past, we’ve asked attendees for their password or tips on how to break into their network. This year, while reporting for Cylance, I asked conference attendees “What’s the worst malware you’ve ever seen?”

Watch the video to see why I affectionately call RSA the “Scare the Crap Out of Me” festival. And stick until the end as that last story truly is the worst malware story I’ve ever heard, and probably the worst you’ve ever heard as well.


Hey all, I co-hosted This Week in Tech’s “Tech News Today” with Jason Howell (@jasonhowell) just this last Friday, summing up the entire week at the 2017 RSA Conference. It’s all about security. We also talk about a very creepy doll that’s been banned in Germany because of security implications.

Watch the video.


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