The Social Media Fallacy

on July 27, 2008

Below is a short presentation I gave last week to the SVAMA (Silicon Valley American Marketing Association) about how social media has been sold to us through the general media and social media consultancies. The big story that’s constantly sidestepped is that you must first create great editorial content and THEN you can worry about distribution (social media).

I put together this short (6 min) Slideshare presentation to debunk the traditional way social media is being sold and offer a more sane and logical approach to developing industry voice to grow your business.

This is cross-posted on my blog, Spark Minute, but I thought it would be appropriate to launch the “Be the Voice” blog and podcast with this presentation.

I’m interested to know your opinion. Do you agree/disagree this is how it’s being sold and do you believe/not believe that the social media evangelists are sidestepping the issue of content?

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