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by David Spark on October 13, 2008

Episode ten of the “Be the Voice” podcast stars Ross Mayfield who is the cofounder, chairman, and president of SocialText, a social business software platform.

What is the “Be the Voice” podcast? Interviews with individuals developing thought leadership for themselves and their organization to drive business growth.
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Here are some of the highlights from my interview with Ross Mayfield:

Ross MayfieldSummary (Ross Mayfield):

  • You can’t dictate collaboration within an organization. Find a small area where it would excel, introduce it, and then roll it out in concentric circles to other groups that have interest and can provide unique value.
  • Collaboration needs a clear business purpose. You can’t have collaboration without a goal.
  • Take all content out of email to build a company knowledge base of the revolving door of employees, plus a back channel on what the company thinks on a given issue.
  • If one significant person changes their process to be more collaborative and open, it can change the process for an entire organization
  • PR has evolved to add value in conversations and be agents for collaboration. It’s not just about connecting clients with press.
  • When you ask for permission to market to your audience, immediately offer some value in return.
  • Even if someone’s collaboration intentions is purely to promote themselves, still engage if there’s a connection to your brand.
  • Collaboration needs to involve multiple individuals within an organization and not just one person, because that one person is just a resume away from leaving and taking that company goodwill with him.

Read the entire article and listen to my interview with Ross Mayfield [24:06 m].

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