Celebrities that Tweet (use Twitter) lead boring lives just like you!

by David Spark on January 5, 2009

Today, I took a look at the site CelebrityTweet which is essentially a Twitter user that just follows celebrities. It appears their definition of a “celebrity” is someone who is famous before and outside of social media. There have become plenty of Twitter celebrities, but these people are actually true celebrities the way we used to define celebrities before the concept of Internet celebrity came about.

I would follow a specific celebrity I was truly interested in, but if you look at this collection of celebrity tweets, I’ve come to the realization that celebrities lead just as boring, or actually more boring lives than my friends lead. Go ahead and try the experiment yourself. Go to Twitter and look at your Twitter feed. And then open up another window and watch the feed of CelebrityTweet. Which one wins on the grounds of most interesting, most entertaining, and most useful?

I bet yours does. But that makes sense because you customized your Twitter list to your taste. Still, if you do want to peer into the mundane life of celebrities that Tweet, check out the list on the CelebrityTweet site (scan down to the lower left) and just selectively choose the celebrities you’re interested in following.

The New York Times today has a story about celebrities that use Twitter.

UPDATE: A bunch of celebrity Twitter accounts get hacked, providing the rest of us with some great 6th grade humor. Kind of surprised there were no fart jokes.

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