Social Media Realities: Interview with Patty Azzarello

on February 21, 2009

I’ve included this interview Patty Azzarello conducted with me along with the discussion we had with live callers. I think you’ll find these interviews valuable and relevant to the “Be the Voice” blog and podcast series.

Last week I conducted an interview with Patty Azzarello, CEO of the Azzarello Group. Patty does career coaching for C-level executives. I met Patty at the CMO Club conference in November where she gave a presentation entitled, “CMO is a Credibility War Every Day.” I was really impressed by Patty. First, at the last minute, because everything was running late, The CMO Club had to move her presentation slot during lunch. Having to give her presentation over lunch did not deter her. She just plowed through and gave a fantastic presentation.

What I liked most about her session were the tricks she offered to manipulate the presentation of your budget to other C-level executives. If you manipulate the labeling, grouping, and numbers as Patty advises,  you can often get the budget you need to do what you want. Definitely read her advice on this.

Putting “Media” back into “Social Media”

Patty and I got to talking and she invited me to be part of her monthly call for her podcast series. We chatted and decided to do a show called “Social Media Realities” where I spent more time emphasizing the “media” part of social media, rather the “social” side which is what most social media consultants spend their time discussing and selling.

Patty has a fantastic write up of our interview and the questions I fielded from her live callers. She boiled down everything to ten issues.

  1. Content vs. Technology
  2. Do an Assessment
  3. Build an Editorial Plan
  4. Maximize Production Costs
  5. Participate where it Matters
  6. Be Helpful!
  7. Grow Revenue Faster
  8. Build Your Voice
  9. Who are you online?
  10. Great Q&A

But that’s just the tease. Make sure you read her descriptions and listen to the interview and the Q&A right afterwards. Since these interviews are relevant to my “Be the Voice” blog and podcast, I’ve added these interviews to the podcast series.

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