Has your business capitalized on a big news story or trend?

by David Spark on July 9, 2009

This blog post is a query for subjects for a story I’m writing on Mashable.

I’m looking for people who have a business, site, or social network that somehow figured a way to latch onto a big news story (e.g. Presidential Election or Michael Jacksons death) for critical and financial success? Did you and your business do this? If so, I want to hear your STORY.

  • What did you create? And how did you actually connect it to your business/site/social network?
  • What was the net result? Did you get traffic, an increase in your social network, a surge in revenue, and/or
    critical recognition?
  • What did you learn from the experience?

Got a story?

PLEASE email me at daspark AT gmail DOT com. Thanks.

NOTE: This is for Mashable so Im looking for people who did things online. So stories about selling Michael Jackson memorial t-shirts for profit is not relevant. Thanks.

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