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My ten favorite videos from SXSW

by David Spark on March 18, 2010

I just got back from an exhausting few days at SXSW in Austin. It was my first time ever, and I must say it was great, but I got to see just a sliver of what was going on because I was producing a ton of videos for Tweetshare, which is a service that allows you to follow Twitter conversations around content. While I did some blogging and took a few photos, my focus was videos. In total I produced 47 videos. That’s a lot to consume, so below are my top ten favorites.  I have links to all the other videos below. Check them out, and if you like any, please leave a comment on Tweetshare which will automatically send out a tweet to all your followers.

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My top ten favorite videos from SXSW (that I shot)

Video blogger extraordinaire, Steve Garfield, and author of Get Seen offers some great tips on shooting quick videos at a live event.
Facebook’s Randi Zuckerberg on motivating people around the world to take action for social good. And watch my appearance in her “Rock Band” video.
Absolutely fantastic rant from Jeff Pulver on real-time information changing the way we live. Read my report “Real-time search and discovery of the social web.”
Mashable’s Pete Cashmore on when the wisdom of crowds falls apart.
Joe Jaffe on how people can be motivated through challenges to achieve a better social good.
Interview with Leo Laporte @leolaporte right after he crowd surfed at the Digg party while streaming live. Includes video of him crowd surfing.
Brian Brushwood, magician and host of Revision3’s “Scam School” on how his show has developed with audience feedback.
Investor and Master of 500 Hats, Dave McClure on techniques to engage super users.
Diggnation co-host, Alex Albrecht, and his mom with some embarassing stories about his childhood.
Brian Brushwood, host of Revision3’s “Scam School”, initiating the hoax that Conan O’Brien was going to join Revision3.

Here are all the other videos

  • VIDEO: A new blog for mini social media case studies. Love it. My interview w/ Scott Perry @mktgideas on the tales.
  • VIDEO: Breakdancing at the @rackspace party.
  • VIDEO: How do you take great photos? Photographer of the social media stars @wmmarc explains portrait taking secrets.
  • VIDEO: Is it raining inside of the Austin Sheraton? 5th floor sprung a leak.
  • VIDEO: On way to LBJ Library, cab driver tells NSFW tales of LBJ in the White House.
  • VIDEO: In Austin for sxsw, cab driver tells us tales of his life before driving a cab. It’s always fascinating.
  • VIDEO: Watch President LBJ as a stand up comedian!
  • VIDEO: Are social media challenges for Latinos different? @ketye & @juliediazasper run Latinos in Social Media.
  • VIDEO: Interview with fellow Traveling Geek, @fredericl of @readwriteweb on solutions for security with location based apps.
  • VIDEO: CEO of MOG @mogdotcom on their new mobile service. Unlimited download and streaming to iPhone or Android $10/mo
  • VIDEO: Mike Melanson @rwwmike on why Wikipedia needs to be a trusted source of information.
  • VIDEO: Paul Kane of BSkyB on techniques to build innovation. Great advice.
  • VIDEO: Panel comment from @petecashmore @mashable on blogging behavior and correcting mistakes and who cares.
  • VIDEO: Panel comment from @petecashmore @mashable on journalists’ new role.
  • VIDEO: Jeremy Porter @journalistics on how PR should approach journalists. Build relationships.
  • VIDEO: Interview w/ @prsarahevans on being a super user. Finding and being.
  • VIDEO: Interview w/ @problogger Darren Rouse about making money from blogging. No quick fixes, so don’t try.
  • VIDEO: Interview w/ stars of @revision3 show “Web Zero” @nickcomardo @ianfreeze.
  • VIDEO: Interview w/ Deb Schultz @debs about changes at SXSW. Interactive is now the communication architecture for all industries.
  • VIDEO: Interview w/ @pistachio on Twitter fostering developers in the Twitter ecosystem.
  • VIDEO: Where can I get a Vanilla Coke in Madagascar and other questions for @cocacola. @pfasano interview.
  • VIDEO: My interview w/ @revision3 CEO @jlouderb about rabid fans.
  • VIDEO: My interview with Gary Vaynerchuk @garyvee on interacting with rabid fans.
  • VIDEO: David Hale @lostonroute66 has a great story about battling state legal restrictions to get his own personal genome
  • VIDEO: Andrew @Mager of ZDNet gives the lowdown on what’s happening at SXSW
  • VIDEO: Squeezing health issues into SXSW when they won’t let you. Interview with Chia Hwu @chiah.
  • VIDEO: Interview with Michael Tchong @ubercool, founder of the upcoming Trendshow: Trends and Innovation.
  • VIDEO: Interview with @mashable ‘s @adamostrow on garnering support to win the Pepsi Refresh challenge. $50K prize.
  • VIDEO: Vid of the Diggnation beer guzzle challenge @alexalbrecht @kevinrose @dlprager.
  • VIDEO: Watch my interview w/ Digg CEO @JayAdelson as he discusses NEWEST changes in Digg.
  • VIDEO: Brian Brushwood of @revision3 Scam School @shwood eating FIRE.
  • VIDEO: Diggnation crowd goes crazy just for fuzzy dice @alexalbrecht @kevinrose.
  • VIDEO: Know that cool app, Bump? Find out what’s coming next in this vid w/ founder @bumptech
  • VIDEO: Video of world record of licking fingers clean of barbecue sauce at Diggnation party.
  • VIDEO: Vid of Brian Brushwood @shwood does a cool cup trick on stage at Diggnation party.
  • VIDEO: Brian Brushwood’s @shwood card trick last night at Diggnation party.

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