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My five favorite videos from Silicon Valley Code Camp

on October 25, 2010

Couple of weeks ago I attended Silicon Valley Code Camp, a weekend-long developer education event at Foothills College in Los Altos, California. Coders descend on the campus to attend as many of the 196 sessions on coding that they possibly can. I shot and produced a ton of videos of the event for Dice, the online board for tech jobs. I’ve put together my five favorite videos along with the other fifteen. Tip of the hat to my editor Ray for doing an awesome job on all the videos, especially the first one. Watch.

My five favorite videos from Silicon Valley Code Camp

Presentation horror stories
End of Show Recap: Silicon Valley Code Camp
Top tips for developers on creating a great user interface
What’s your proudest developer moment?
A great explanation of “cloud” computing in two minutes

The rest of the videos from Silicon Valley Code Camp

Why Silicon Valley is better than Europe for entrepreneurs
From Code to Product to Business to Brand
Tips for developing your iPhone app
Build custom apps fast with LightSwitch
Patent attorney’s advice on how to protect your brilliant idea
What is Google’s Prediction Engine?
Foothill College’s Dean invites Code Campers
How to bring data into a Silverlight application
Biggest mistake in product development is not testing for scale
What do developers need to know about networking?
Tackling issues with Python and Google App Engine
Tips for developing across Windows Phone 7, Android, and iPhone
How to run a successful developer conference for five years
Utilizing Adobe’s Flex to quickly create apps for the enterprise
How easy is it to develop in Windows Phone 7?

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